• 17 January 2023 

    I've been to many therapists over the years. Donna and I clicked very well, and I actually followed her from her old practice to stay with her - as did a few of her other clients. I think anyone would benefit from being with her. I like that she's down-to-earth and has a sense of humor, asks you the hard questions when you need it while always being supportive, genuinely cares very much about her clients, and that professionalism is important to her. 

    She can also handle the most intense things you could bring to her, which is refreshing as that has not always been my experience, and I needed someone to trust who could help me with those. Her approach of addressing mind, body, and spirit was exactly what I needed since I have physical challenges as well as mental that needed to be considered, and whatever you believe makes you who you are - which affects how you think and act and what's important to you. 

    I have been with Donna for quite some time now and she has gained my trust (not easy), and continues to help me so much every time I see her. I am very grateful to have found her.

    - Changed My Life Lindsey

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