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 Journey Through the Art of Healing

The concept of Tea & Empathy comes from three meaningful aspects that are near and dear to our hearts. Our love for tea and its history, the desire to care for people at an empathetic level, and correlation to the Japanese art of kintsugi.

Tea has had an extensive history throughout the ages. Tea has been a way to warm the soul, share stories, show hospitality, and it brings people together. Tea has medicinal and healing properties as well. Tea comes in different colors, strengths, and from various regions, making each tea unique, and bringing distinctive characteristics to the process.

We focus on empathy rather than sympathy because empathy goes much deeper and allows for a more meaningful connection.

When we are empathetic with one another, we experience emotions together. Empathy allows people to journey through life simultaneously and to meet with understanding, regardless of the individual's background. The deep understanding of others is appreciated and respected regardless of where we are in our walks of life.

The third concept for Tea & Empathy is the Japanese art form of kintsugi, which begins with a broken piece of beautiful china. Kintsugi reconstructs brokenness to become an exquisite piece of art using gold. Subsequently, the piece becomes purposeful, stunning, increasingly valuable, and creates a whole vessel that is stronger than it was before. 

Kintsugi demonstrates that broken pieces can be made whole again and while the cracks remain, they do not hold us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

This is a lovely image of what we at Tea & Empathy desire for our clients to achieve. We will hold that hope until you are ready to pick it up for yourself and we will rejoice with you.


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